T Shirts for Autism Awareness

April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month around the world. This is a time of great anticipation and reflection as families and organizations muse upon life without barriers for people on the autism spectrum. While we turn our focus to celebratory events highlighting the accomplishments of the autism movement, let us not forget about those on the spectrum who are engulfed in a sea of despair, frustration, and lack of access to employment and sufficient health care. With this in mind, autism becomes the focal point for millions on a daily basis. Their reality is fraught with roadblocks which serve as reminders that the all inclusive discrimination free society we dream of has not come full circle. For the parents and caretakers in the trenches, April seems like just another month since it is difficult to distinguish one unfulfilled promise from another. For too many, autism awareness is a harsh perpetual cycle.

We can spread the message of Autism awareness by wearing t shirts and ribbons. Here are several touching and powerful t shirts to let others know about this disorder.