Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is the long-awaited sequel to Mirror’s Edge, one of DICE’s most successfulgames. The reason for this is the unique and innovative playstyle of the game.

You take control of a young woman named Faith, who fights against the totalitarian government she lives in by the means of parkour and martial arts. The majority of the game is built around parkour, the art of using buildings and objects around you to reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to.

The whole game is dependent on fluidity and rhythm. You may start at one end of the map, and have to get to the other by jumping off of walls and running up cranes. While you run and jump and slide around, you’ll of course face opposition from the local government and police force.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

There are a few ways to combat these enemies. First, you can use your martial arts and parkour to your advantage. For example, you could run up a large pole, jump off, and land feet first on an enemy.

The other way to fight them off is by using weaponry. You won’t just find guns lying around, but you do have ways of getting them. If you get close to an enemy with a gun, they will attempt to hit you with it as if it were a blunt weapon. 

There is a short time period when they do that in which you can counter their attack and disarm them, taking the weapon for your own. There is a good variety of these weapons. 


Whether it be the handgun, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, or even the LMG, Faith has plenty of ways to get through enemies. Of course, if you’re skilled enough, you never have to fire a single shot or throw a single punch at normal enemies

If your parkour is good enough, you might be able to slide under and run past enemy patrols. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has been described by the developers as more of a reboot, or even a prequel, to the first Mirror’s Edge.

This means we will see Faith’s developing story as she meets the resistance group known as the Runners, and makes her way around the City of Glass. It will be available on Xbox OnePS4, andPC

Mirror's Edge Catalyst release date is May 24, 2016. It is currently available to preorder, with such bonuses as the ability to change your appearance in other player’s games, a special symbol called a runner’s tag to stand out in the leaderboards, and an exclusive background for customization whenever you have screen hacks. 

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition

There are also two different versions of the game available to order: the standard edition and collector’s edition. The standard edition comes with just the game. The collector’s edition comes with a special case and box, a 14” Faith figurine, concept art, temporary tattoos like the ones that Faith has, and a limited edition lithograph.